Knock Out 2011

Knock Out 2011 Round 3

Hi everyone,

HardBass just ended in a realy awsome party at Gelredome in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Now a new concept, called Knock Out emerged in 2009. This year they will go for ‘Round 3′ . This party will be given at the Silverdome in Zoetermeer and will be hosted by the one and only MC Villain.

B2S, the creators of many awsome HardStyle concepts, also released the line-up for Knock Out. This line-up has some great names. Go check it out !

Headhunterz vs Brennan Heart
Bioweapon vs Toneshifterz
Technoboy vs Stephanie
Deepack vs Psyko Punkz
B-front vs Frontliner
Noisecontrollers vs The Pitcher
Digital Punk vs Waverider
Avio vs Josh & Wesz


Eventdate: April 9th 2011
Time: 22:00 pm ’till 07:00 am

Pricing: € 40,-

More info at:
Official website:

For everyone who has no idea what Knock Out is I posted the official Knock Out 2010 AfterMovie


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