About me

Name: DJ insanity
Age: 28
Place: Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

dj_insanityAt the age of 14 DJ insanity was introduced to the concept of DJ-ing. Since that time he was hooked. Started all in the time vinyl was the way to go, DJ insanity started  collection great record from several music labels.
As a allround DJ he started playing House, Disco and Trance.

After experiencing different parties and events, DJ insanity wanted to search for one style to make his own. Over the years he also experimented with HardTrance and HardHouse. During that time two new styles entered the Dutch music scene. Hardstyle and Jumpstyle.

Since Jumpstyle was not the thing he wanted, DJ insanity focused on Hardstyle. Soon he found out there were different styles within Hardstyle. The uplifting tunes and hard kicks nowadays known from well knowns artists like Headhunterz, Noisecontrolles, Audio/Freq, DJ insanity started to follow them to learn as much as he can about their mixing skills and music styles.

Recently he started producing Hardstyle music, although it is a major project in progress, great feedback is received by other artists and listeners.To listen at DJ insanity´s first produced sounds, check out his youtubechannel at http://www.youtube.com/user/insanity83NL

More info is to come in the future…